BlackVue at AUTO EXPO 2016 in Morocco

BlackVue’s official distributor in Morocco represented the brand during AUTO EXPO 2016 held in Casablanca from May 12 to 22. Not only was AUTO EXPO 2016 a great success, but in the days leading up to the event, they also promoted the brand in multiple ways. First, BlackVue MAROC had equipped two cars with BlackVue dashcams during the […]

Honda Crash in Wet Weather

YouTuber and BlackVue DR650GW-2CH owner Barney Twelveson must have not expected this Honda seemingly overtaking him to suddenly spin out of control in front of his vehicle. Fortunately, our driver got nerves of steel and was able to come to a full stop in record time, avoiding collision. In spite of the spectacular crash, the Honda driver […]

DR650GW Series Firmware Version 2.003 Available for Download

Dear BlackVue DR650GW Series users, the new firmware addresses key issues you may have encountered when using BlackVue Over the Cloud, so we highly recommend to install this update if you are concerned. The new DR650GW Series firmware (version 2.003) brings the following changes: This version adds: 1. Time Zone defaulted to ‘Pacific/Midway Islands’: make […]

BlackVue DR650GW-2CH Review by NikkTech

Nikk Tech don’t review dashcams everyday, but when they do, they do it thoroughly! Delving not only into hardware, Nikk Tech took the time to review the BlackVue Viewer and App as well. In this article, they go deep and far into the details, and even make a side-by-side comparison with previous model DR550GW-2CH. Check […]