[Firmware Update] DR650S Series Version 1.006

Dear BlackVue User, We have recently updated the firmware of our DR650S-1CH, DR650S-2CH, DR650S-2CH IR, DR650S-2CH TRUCK (version 1.006) dashcam models. Please check below for details. What’s New: Version 1.006: 1) Firmware language integration. – 12 languages in one (English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish,  Thai, Vietnamese.) – Language can be […]

[Install] DR490L-2CH LCD Dashcam Hardwired in C7 Corvette

YouTuber CarGuy11 got creative with this hardwired install of a DR490L-2CH BlackVue dashcam in his C7 Corvette. Hardwired installation To take advantage of the built-in Parking Mode capability of the BlackVue, he hardwired it to the car’s battery. However, unlike most vehicles that have the fuse panel somewhere near the driver or passenger seat, the C7 […]

BlackVue Awarded By German Digital Consumer Magazine Vergleich

We are proud to announce that our flagship, one-channel Cloud dashcam BlackVue DR650S-1CH has been awarded by the German Digital Consumer Magazine Vergleich.org as the best product in the dashcam category. Vergleich.org is a regularly published, digital consumer magazine that offers comprehensive buyers’s guides to its readers. The magazine compares the consumer ratings of a product on Amazon and […]

How To Add a Mobile Hotspot To Your Car

Enjoy BlackVue Over the Cloud with a connected dashcam To enjoy your Cloud compatible BlackVue to the fullest, your dashcam must have an access to the Internet. This means that your vehicle needs to be parked in the range of your home/work/other Wi-Fi, or you need to have a dedicated mobile hotspot in your vehicle. […]

Compare All BlackVue Dashcams At A Glance

It’s not easy choosing a dashcam! Choosing a dashcam is no easy task. Single-channel (one camera), dual-channel (two cameras), Wi-Fi, Cloud Compatibility, etc. There is a BlackVue for everyone, but we wanted to save you some time finding the one that suits you. See what key distinctive features each BlackVue has To help you make […]