[BlackVue Fleet Tracking] How To Use The Driving Reports Feature

Following shortly after Event File Auto-upload, BlackVue Fleet Tracking receives a new exclusive feature: Driving Reports.  Requirements: Hardware: BlackVue DR900S Series Dashcam with Firmware version 1.005.  BlackVue DR750S Series Dashcam with Firmware version 1.011. Software: BlackVue Viewer version 2.01 (Windows) and 1.24 (Mac OS). BlackVue App version 2.77 (iOS/Android). Note in case you were using […]

[Firmware Update] DR900S (1.005), DR750S (1.011) With Driving Reports

New firmware is available for the DR750S (1.011) and DR900S (1.005) Series, introducing Driving Reports for BlackVue Fleet Tracking. Learn more about the new Driving Reports for BlackVue Fleet Tracking. DR750S Series (version 1.011), DR900S Series (version 1.005) MODELS CONCERNED: DR750S Series (DR750S-1CH, DR750S-2CH, DR750S-2CH IR and DR750S-2CH TRUCK) DR900S Series (DR900S-1CH, DR900S-2CH) WHAT’S NEW: Driving […]

[BlackVue App] Updated App Manuals Available in Eleven Languages

Dear BlackVue users,  The BlackVue App Manuals in eleven languages were updated and made available today on our website and through the BlackVue App. The new BlackVue App Manuals contain the most up-to-date instructions, now including how to set up Event Live Auto-upload and Event File Auto-upload for BlackVue Fleet Tracking.  To access the manuals in the […]