BlackVue DR650S-2CH & PMP Installation In A Mustang

Our Ambassador and YouTuber 16P51-GT uploaded to his channel the first of two planned videos on BlackVue. In this one he both reviews and installs our Cloud dashcam, BlackVue DR650S-2CH, along with the Parking Mode add-on Power Magic Pro. The video is pretty thorough and includes a general overview of the products, unboxing and even some sample […]

Watch Tesla’s Autopilot Save The Day Captured on Dashcam

Automatic Emergency Braking warning A video compilation of Tesla – or more specifically, Tesla’s Automatic Emergency Braking warning – preventing car crashes and road kills was uploaded to a YouTube channel YourTrends. It’s not first video showcasing Tesla autopilot’s capabilities. You can watch the viral video of Tesla’s autopilot predicting a crash here. No damages thanks […]

DR650S-2CH Dashcam Installation In Jeep Cherokee

YouTuber and car enthusiast CarGuy11 uploaded a video installation of our Cloud dashcam DR650S-2CH in his Jeep Cherokee. You can watch the video HERE. In the comprehensive, 9-minute video CarGuy11 covers unboxing, full installation, short BlackVue app overview and sample footage.   Please note that we recommend using another model, DR650S-2CH IR (with interior IR camera […]

BlackVue DR450-1CH Reviewed and Faved by Consumer Reports

BlackVue DR450-1CH in Consumer Reports BlackVue DR450-1CH is a single-channel dashcam that combines simplicity of use with reliability (you can read more about the product here).  Consumer Reports is an independent, nonprofit organization established to create a fairer, safer and healthier world and we are proud to say that a BlackVue product (DR450-1CH) received a […]