London Thief Caught On Dash Cam Stealing Disability Parking Badge

BlackVue user and YouTuber Michael Michaels caught this upsetting video of a thief stealing both a disability parking badge and a backpack containing a laptop on the front and rear cameras of his BlackVue dash​cam  in Parking Mode.  See for yourself and help London police find the thief if you can. We will share the description below: […]

Power Magic Ultra Battery Longevity Test

YouTuber EastCoastJeepSRT, who you may recognize from other BlackVue related videos (such as ), uploaded a video testing our newest Parking Mode add-on, the Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-124). It’s available for purchase in our online store here, along with the Expansion Battery which can more than double the battery’s capacity. The YouTuber tests how […]

Power Magic Expansion Battery for Ultra Battery Now Available

The Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-124) is a high-capacity battery to power your BlackVue dashcam in Parking Mode. With its 76.8Wh capacity (12.8V/6,000mAh), it can power most BlackVue dashcams in Parking Mode for more than 24 hours and charges under 40 minutes when hardwired.  Now, you can more than double your battery capacity with the Power […]

Accident on an Intersection #CaughtOnBlackVue

BlackVue Customer Josh Wines, who sent us this video, said that 4 days after installing the BlackVue DR650S-1CH dashcam in his car a Van made a wide right turn into left lane on a red light. Josh sent the video to the insurance and they immediately said the other driver was at fault. You can […]

[Firmware Update] DR900S Series version 1.001

New firmware is available for the DR900S Series dashcams. MODELS CONCERNED: DR900S Series (DR900S-1CH, DR900S-2CH) WHAT’S NEW: Version 1.001: Added high temperature warning (Cloud feature): Receive an alert Push Notification when your BlackVue detects an ambient temperature of 65 degrees Celsius (149°F) or more. How to use it: In the BlackVue Viewer or BlackVue App, […]