[Firmware Update] DR490L-2CH First Firmware Release

Dear BlackVue User, The first firmware for DR490L-2CH (version 1.1.212) is now available. Please check below for details. MODEL CONCERNED: BlackVue DR490L-2CH (Dual Full HD LCD Dashcam) WHAT’S NEW: First firmware release for DR490L-2CH, with updated overlay.   [Firmware Upgrade Guide] Visit the BlackVue Downloads page at www.blackvue.com/downloads. On the Downloads page, download the latest firmware for […]

[Firmware Update] DR650S/DR650GW Cloud Series

Dear BlackVue User, We have recently updated the firmware of our DR650S (version 1.005) and DR650GW Cloud (version 2.008) dashcam models. Please check below for details. MODELS CONCERNED: DR650S-2CH (Applies also to DR650S-2CH TRUCK and DR650S-2CH IR) DR650S-1CH DR650GW-2CH (Applies also to DR650GW-2CH TRUCK and DR650GW-2CH IR) DR650GW-1CH WHAT’S NEW: System Stabilization. DAB interference mitigation […]

BlackVue Mac Viewer Update – Version 1.06

Dear BlackVue Users, A new version of the BlackVue Mac Viewer is now available for download.  This version 1.06 provides a fix for the BlackVue Over the Cloud Live View feature (Cloud Viewer mode). WHAT’S NEW? Fixed an issue where Live View (in Cloud Viewer mode) would not be accessible on some versions of Mac OS. […]