[Firmware Update] DR470-2CH Russian Support (v1.002)

Dear BlackVue User, The DR470-2CH firmware version 1.002 was just released. This firmware update for the DR470-2CH adds support for Russian. WHAT’S NEW: Added support for Russian language. NOTE: this update does not introduce new features or bug fixes, and as such is purely optional. Feel free to skip them if you do not need Russian language support. Important: […]

[Firmware Update] DR650S/470/450 Series Dutch Support

Dear BlackVue User, This series of updates is targeted specifically to our customers in The Netherlands and other Dutch-speaking countries. We have recently updated the firmware of our latest dashcam models to include support for Dutch language. WHAT’S NEW: Added support for Dutch language. DR650S Series: version 1.004 DR470-2CH: version 1.001 DR450-1CH: version 1.004 NOTE: these […]

[Firmware Update] DR650S-1CH/2CH (v.1.003)

This is a functionality update for the BlackVue DR650S Series (1CH and 2CH). WHAT’S NEW: With this update, you can now choose the function of the proximity sensor of your BlackVue. The two options are: – Voice recording on/off (default). – Manual recording trigger. Download the latest firmware for your BlackVue from the Downloads page. Important: […]

[Update] BlackVue Windows Viewer version 1.03

Dear BlackVue User, A new version of the BlackVue Windows Viewer is now available for download. What’s new in version 1.03 Main changes: 1. Fixed Windows 10 Cloud login issue (Cloud menu) 2. Fixed DR650S-1CH settings issue (SD Card menu) + stabilization improvements. For more information, visit the BlackVue Windows Viewer page. In addition, the […]