[Firmware Update] DR750S Series Version 1.003

A new DR750S firmware (version 1.003) is now available.  Please check below for details. MODELS CONCERNED: BlackVue DR750S-1CH BlackVue DR750S-2CH WHAT’S NEW: Improved image quality: – Better noise reduction at night and in dark environments. – Decreased sharpening for a more natural-looking image and overall improved and nuanced details. IMPORTANT: new Brightness Default value: 3. […]

[Firmware Update] DR490L-2CH Firmware v1.1.618

Dear BlackVue User, A new firmware for DR490L-2CH (version 1.1.618) is now available. Please check below for details. MODEL CONCERNED: BlackVue DR490L-2CH (Dual Full HD LCD Dashcam) WHAT’S NEW: Added ADAS feature: FVSA (Front Vehicle Start Alarm). The dashcam will alert you if it senses that your vehicle is remaining stationary after the front vehicle has started […]

[Firmware Update] DR650S Series Version 1.009

A new firmware (ver. 1.009) for the DR650S Series (DR650S-1CH, DR650S-2CH, DR650S-2CH TRUCK, DR650S-2CH IR) is now released. Please check below for details. MODELS CONCERNED: BlackVue DR650S-1CH BlackVue DR650S-2CH BlackVue DR650S-2CH IR BlackVue DR650S-2CH TRUCK WHAT’S NEW: 1) Improved Cloud hotspot connection scenario and fixed Cloud-related voice alerts. 2) Improved Parking Mode Voice Notification scenario to reduce […]