BlackVue Dashcam Footage Nets Hundreds In Fines

This bizzare situation was captured by the BlackVue dashcam installed in a driving school vehicle owned by our customer Todd McGivern in Canada. The video shows a frustrated driver tailgating the driving school car for quite some time. She even took out her cellphone to take pictures and eventually passed Todd’s car on the right. […]

BlackVue Dash​​​​cam Captures Bodyslam Into Windshield

Imagine the surprise of the BlackVue user Jeremy, who came out of the movies to find a large spot on his Volkswagen’s windshield where it was shattered. Thanks to the single channel BlackVue dashcam (newer version, the DR750S-1CH, can be purchased here) installed in Jeremy’s vehicle the reason for the shattered windshield soon became clear. Upon […]

BlackVue Awarded By German Digital Consumer Magazine Vergleich

We are proud to announce that our flagship, one-channel Cloud dashcam BlackVue DR650S-1CH has been awarded by the German Digital Consumer Magazine as the best product in the dashcam category. is a regularly published, digital consumer magazine that offers comprehensive buyers’s guides to its readers. The magazine compares the consumer ratings of a product on Amazon and […]

Get Insurance Discount If You Have A Dashcam In Thailand

Good news for Thai drivers! Bangkok Post reports that you can now save on your car insurance if you have a dashcam installed in your vehicle. According to the order signed by the secretary-general of the Office of Insurance Commission, insurance companies are required to reduce auto insurance premiums by 5-10% for customers who present photographic […]