Power Magic Pro Installation In VW Golf Mk7 GTI

YouTube user Aleksandr Sasha Kuznetsov – and a VW Golf owner – decided that it’s high time he installed the Power Magic Pro (Parking Mode add-on for BlackVue dashcams, more info here) to go along with his BlackVue dashcam. The reason behind his decision was simple – someone hit his car when he was away. Without the Power […]

Stolen Truck Chase Caught on BlackVue DR430-2CH

Stolen truck YouTube channel Community TV – a part of a Canadian web-based broadcaster – published a unusual video. In the video a friend of a man whose truck got stolen is actually chasing the stolen truck! In the recording we can hear his entire conversation with the local police and we learn the story. His […]

Birds, Mangoes And Other Unusual Dashcam Footage

  Having a dashcam gives you a peace of mind when you are on the road or when your vehicle is parked and you are away (thanks to Parking Mode). But sometimes our Customers share rather unusual footage. Unusual Guest For example – YouTube user Bill Harned uploaded a video (see above) recorded by his BlackVue DR650S-2CH, installed […]

How To Save On Insurance By Having A Dashcam

This YouTube video posted by user B200 Mercedes shows why having a BlackVue dashcam is worth it. In his own words: This driver tried to crash into me to claim my insurance, aka Insurance scam. Almost got away with it if I did crash into him. Instead, he is looking at a judge in a court […]