Guy Sitting On A Tesla Caught On BlackVue

YouTube channel DragTimes uploaded an unusual video featuring a Tesla (and its app), BlackVue dashcam footage and… a guy, who decided that the best place to sit on is the Tesla’s hood! The Tesla owner noticed a man stumbling through the nearby park, who then got closer and closer to the car, and finally sat […]

Tesla vs. Porsche Caught On BlackVue Dashcam

Although most of the BlackVue footage found on the internet concerns crashes, bad driving and various close calls, sometimes we get videos like this one. In the video, captured by the rear camera of a dual channel BlackVue dashcam installed in a Tesla, we can see a white Porsche seemingly intent on racing the Tesla. However, the […]

BlackVue DR650S-2CH Install By Mustang Lifestyle

You may remember the last Mustang installation video we posted (available to read HERE). The installation we are sharing today, by the YouTube channel Mustang Lifestyle, features a simple, yet clean installation of the BlackVue DR650-2CH in a 2015 Mustang. As they put it – this video installation is “step-by-step but not too in-depth.” Instead of […]

4-Channel BlackVue Dashcam Setup In Minivan

In our last post we introduced a unique 3-channel setup in a Honda Accord. This time it’s a 4-channel dashcam setup, with two BlackVue DR470-2CH cameras installed in a Honda Odyssey minivan. After the vehicle was vandalized–keyed on the sides– the owner decided that he wanted to catch the culprits, were they to try again. […]