BlackVue Captures A Close Call Of This Tesla’s Driver

A video shared by Jon Hall on YouTube shows a close call this Tesla’s owner had with another vehicle as they tried to change lanes, all captured by the BlackVue dashcam. The Tesla was on autopilot until the driver disengaged it at the last second (the beeping sound) to avoid collision.  A video sparking debate […]

The Ordeal of Driving in Paris Caught on Dashcam

YouTuber French Bad Drivers has been building a following on YouTube thanks to his compilations of videos captured on his BlackVue DR650GW-1CH (predecessor to the DR650S-1CH).  In the video, he encounters multiple tricky, annoying or infuriating situations and close calls while driving in and around Paris, France. Although you can hear him live commenting on […]

[Video compilation] Bad Drivers in Sweden Episode 117

YouTuber Volvo Dashcam is very active on his channel, where he posts compilations of footage captured by his BlackVue dashcams, spiced up with on-screen graphics and commentary. In addition to posting his own videos, he also includes samples submitted to him by other users. It’s always well-presented, entertaining and we would say it has an […]

Valet Damaging Car Caught On BlackVue

If you frequently valet your car, a dashcam is a must According to the owner of the vehicle shown in this video, if not for the BlackVue DR650S-2CH dashcam installed in his car, he wouldn’t have been able to prove who damaged his car. Thankfully, the BlackVue dashcam captured everything. $500 in damages The careless […]