Trucker Dashcam Entertaining Compilation from Sweden

Everyday driving made fun Swedish YouTuber and BlackVue owner Trucker Dashcam captures a lot of footage on his DR650GW-2CH with interior IR. While you should not expect gruesome crashes or spectacular pileups, which the YouTuber makes clear in the video descriptions, his videos are still fun to watch. Trucker Dashcam manages to make everyday driving situations […]

Dashcam Visit of Beautiful French Village with Christmas Display

Tiny French village outshines Champs-Elysées with Christmas display Dashcam footage is not only about car crashes. Sometimes a dashcam can simply help you capture the beauty of this world! That’s just what YouTuber Neomax71 did here. Although Christmas is over, a view like the one captured by BlackVue DR650GW-2CH in a small French village is worth […]

Dangerous Bus Driving Caught on Dashcam

Dangerous situation on the roads of Ecuador In this video sent to us by our distributor in South America, we see a bus overtaking several vehicles. It narrowly misses the cars coming from the opposite direction. The drivers even had to make space for the bus in order to avoid collision. Everything was captured by our […]