BlackVue DR900S-2CH Review – First Thoughts, Installation Tips And Sample Videos

YouTube channel How To And Reviews uploaded a video featuring BlackVues flagship 4K UHD Cloud dashcam, the DR900S-2CH. The video includes a short unboxing, some cool installation tips (camera positioning, wiring), review and video samples. The reviewer also compared the footage from the DR900S-2CH with his old dashcam’s footage. The image quality difference was quite interesting! […]

DR900S-2CH Review – Best Discrete 4K Dual Dashcam

This review, while only slightly over 10 minutes, is packed with information about the BlackVue DR900S-2CH 4K UHD dashcam model. Before you watch the video, make sure to take a look at the DR900S-2CH page for specifications! The reviewer at Tech4All YouTube channel goes through every detail – from the packaging, design, specifications (such as […]

Review And Install Of The DR900S-2CH With Power Magic EZ By VantaBlacked

YouTuber VantaBlacked has recently published his in-dept review/install video for the BlackVue DR900S-2CH dashcam (available in our online store here) paired with the new Parking Mode accessory – Power Magic EZ (available for purchase here). Although the video is titled as “installation” and contains useful tips for the DR900S-2CH installation, the YouTuber goes over the […]

Why Is A Dedicated Battery The Best For Your Dashcam?

Long time BlackVue user and reviewer Ariel (Vortex Radar) recently made a video titled “Dedicated Dashcam Batteries vs. Portable USB Battery Packs”. And it’s exactly what it sounds – in the video, Ariel makes several well-argued points why it’s better to equip your dashcam with a dedicated battery pack rather than use the portable USB […]