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BlackVue Cloud API

Integrate BlackVue Over the Cloud to your fleet management solution

BlackVue Cloud API Diagram

What is the purpose of the BlackVue Cloud API?

The BlackVue Cloud Application Programming Interface allows telematics solution providers to augment their products with BlackVue Over the Cloud capabilities.
Integrate Remote Live View, File Backup and more features for direct access from your own fleet management applications.

 Remote Live View Streaming

 Remote Video File Access

 Cloud Account Management

 Privacy Settings Modifications

 and more!

 Remote Live View Streaming
 Remote Video File Access
 Cloud Account Management
 Privacy Settings Modifications
 and more!

What is needed to use apps and programs built with the BlackVue Cloud API?


A compatible BlackVue dashcam.

An internet connection in range of the dashcam.

A BlackVue Cloud account (can be created via the API).

Compatible Models:

BlackVue DR900S-2CH 4K UHD Cloud Dash Cam

(Single and Dual-Channel)


(Single and Dual-Channel)

BlackVue DR750S-2CH IR Taxi Dash Cam with Interior Infrared Camera



What can I do with the BlackVue Cloud API?


With the BlackVue Cloud RESTful API, you can do the following:

  1. Cloud account registration
  2. Login to a Cloud account
  3. Log out of a Cloud account
  4. Cloud account usage lookup for a specified period
  5. Deleting a Cloud account
  6. Dashcam list lookup
  7. Check whether a dashcam can be registered
  8. Registering a dashcam
  9. Renaming a dashcam
  10. Unregistering a dashcam
  11. Dashcam information
  12. Privacy and sharing settings
  13. Retrieving privacy and sharing settings
  14. Live View streaming
  15. File list (list of files on the dashcam’s microSD card)
  16. Issuing a video file playback token
  17. Video file request (requesting a file that is on the dashcam’s microSD card)

More functions to come!

How to apply?

First, create a free BlackVue Cloud account–if you do not already have one–using the BlackVue App or Viewer.
Then, simply fill in the form below.
Our team will review your application and follow up within 2-3 business days.

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