BlackVue Windows Viewer (version 1.13)

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What's new

Version 1.13:

  • Fixes an issue where where GPS information could not be displayed on some computers.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements. 

See previous update logs at the bottom of the page.

Supported dashcam models

Supported Models Supported Versions
DR750S-1/2CH All Firmware Versions
DR650GW-1/2CH All Firmware Versions
DR650S-1/2CH All Firmware Versions
DR450-1CH Firmware from Version v1.004 and up
DR430-2CH Firmware from Version v1.001 and up
DR470-2CH Firmware from Version v1.001 and up
DR490L-2CH All Firmware Versions
DR490-2CH All Firmware Versions


About BlackVue Viewer

BlackVue Viewer supports all the latest BlackVue models and is compatible with BlackVue Over the Cloud.
For compatibility with older models, check the BlackVue Legacy Viewer on

Note: this Viewer contains two applications in one. You can switch between SD Card Viewer and Cloud Viewer anytime.

  • The SD Card Viewer lets you view recorded videos from your SD card and modify the settings of your BlackVue, as well as format the SD card. 
  • The Cloud Viewer lets you enjoy BlackVue Over the Cloud. Check out simple tutorial videos below to see how it works.

Quick guides downloads for the Cloud part (look for BlackVue Windows Viewer - Cloud Viewer)

Tutorial videos:


Update Logs

Version 1.12:
No public release of version 1.12.

Version 1.11:
Adds DR750S-1CH and DR750S-2CH compatibility.
DR490-2CH: added compatibility with new function allowing to choose time zone in 30 minutes increments.
Make sure to install the latest DR490-2CH firmware first for support of this feature.

Version 1.10:
1. Added DR490-2CH compatibility.
2. Changed DR490L-2CH Event recording beep setting default to OFF.
3. Windows 10 compatibility improvements.

Version 1.09:
Support for DR490L-2CH Firmware v1.1.306.
DR490L-2CH new feature configurable in the BlackVue Viewer only: toggle Event recording alert beep ON/OFF.

Version 1.08:
1. Added firmware language settings in Cloud Viewer.
Applicable models: DR650S-1CH/2CH/2CH IR/2CH TRUCK with firmware v1.006 and over.
2. Added option to toggle "Impact detected in Parking Mode" voice message alert ON/OFF.
Applicable models: DR650S-1CH/2CH/2CH IR/2CH TRUCK with firmware v1.006 and over.
3. Stabilization improvements.

Version 1.07:
1. Bug fixes and improvements.
2. Added video tutorials in Japanese.
3. When opening the application, the SD Card Viewer is now displayed by default.

Version 1.06:
1. Fixed GPS coordinates error.
2. Fixed map display error.

Version 1.05:
Layout and user interface improvements:

1. Easily swap between Cloud Viewer and SD Card Viewer - Easily swap between the two modes via a single prominent button.
2. Now scaling to any screen size - The SD Card Viewer has been totally remade so you can enjoy it comfortably and full-screen in any resolution, including on high-density monitors such as Retina and 4K displays.

New features for the Cloud Viewer: 

1. Bookmarks - You can now bookmark publicly shared cameras from the map (up to 20 cameras can be bookmarked).
2. Share Live View - You can now share your BlackVue dash camera’s Live View with specific users (up to 3) without making it a public camera.
3. A cleaner Map - We have introduced marker clustering to display a large number of dashcams while keeping the Map readable. You can still zoom in to visualize individual dashcams.
4. My Cam / Public cameras button - Tap the button in the top-right corner of the Map to quickly switch between your dashcam’s location and the publicly shared cameras Map.
5. Map design update - The color of the dashcam clusters now indicates whether they contain at least one dashcam with publicly shared Live View (green cluster) or not (yellow cluster).

Additional model support:


Version 1.04:
Adds compatibility with the latest firmware versions with Dutch language support.

Version 1.03:
1. Fixed Windows 10 Cloud login issue (Cloud menu)
2. Fixed DR650S-1CH settings issue (SD Card menu)
+ stabilization improvements.

Version 1.02:
1. Fixed issue where certain characters in an email address would prevent login.
2. Fixed issues occurring in certain circumstances when resizing the Map.
+ bug fixes and stabilization improvements.

Version 1.01:
fixes a bug where double-clicking on a personal disconnected BlackVue in the Cloud Viewer would cause the application to crash.

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