Car Speeding Wrong Direction Prior to Fatal Crash Caught On Dashcam

A video showing both front and rear footage from the BlackVue DR650GW-2CH dashcam (the predecessor of the flagship BlackVue dashcam model, the DR750S-2CH, available for purchase here) was uploaded to YouTube a week ago. It shows a car speeding the wrong direction on a highway, barely missing the vehicle with the BlackVue dashcam installed. As it […]

Dangerous Bus Driving Caught on Dashcam

Dangerous situation on the roads of Ecuador In this video sent to us by our distributor in South America, we see a bus overtaking several vehicles. It narrowly misses the cars coming from the opposite direction. The drivers even had to make space for the bus in order to avoid collision. Everything was captured by our […]

Bad Driving Causes a Serious Accident in Morocco

Sometimes bad driving has tragic consequences. Bad driving has its consequences. This BlackVue DR650GW-2CH footage shared by our distributor in Morocco shows a serious accident caused by a reckless driver. The accident took place on a highway in Casablanca. The video shows a truck hitting another truck, which caused it to roll over while trying to avoid […]

Dangerous Overtaking by a Trailer-Hauling Bus Captured on Dashcam

BlackboxMyCar shared a video submitted by a BlackVue customer. In the video we see a prime example of how not to drive – a reckless overtaking by a bus driver that could have ended badly if the BlackVue owner hadn’t moved to avoid the collision. Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement were informed about […]