Dangerous Overtaking by a Trailer-Hauling Bus Captured on Dashcam

BlackboxMyCar shared a video submitted by a BlackVue customer. In the video we see a prime example of how not to drive – a reckless overtaking by a bus driver that could have ended badly if the BlackVue owner hadn’t moved to avoid the collision. Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement were informed about […]

DR650GW-2CH IR Test by BlackboxMyCar (Instagram)

Dashcam distributor and installer BlackboxMyCar of Canada got to test the BlackVue DR650GW-2CH IR (wich packs an interior IR camera instead of the regular rear cam). They posted this screenshot comparison with and without light, showing how clear the video can be even in pitch black lighting conditions. You can see the performances are quite impressive for such as […]