The Top 5 Challenges Faced by Fleet Managers

Managing a fleet of vehicles is definitely no easy task. When it comes to a fleet of trucks in particular, some challenges will test both your patience and willpower. We have done a little digging to summarize the top five challenges faced by fleet managers and some simple solutions that can help minimize their stress. […]

How to Prevent Cargo Theft

Cargo theft is a grave reality that plagues the trucking industry. It is something that has a huge impact on the economy of a country. In the US alone, about fifteen to thirty billion dollars worth of goods are stolen from trucks in transportation. If you own a trucking business, you wouldn’t like to face […]

BlackVue featured in Innovations with Ed Begley Jr.

BlackVue Dashcams were featured in the recent episode of Innovations with Ed Begley Jr. broadcast on December 12th, 2018. From Innovations TV official website: “Innovations explored BlackVue, by Pittasoft Co. Ltd. Showcasing its latest additions, BlackVue Over the Cloud and BlackVue Fleet Tracking, audiences were educated about how they provide more possibilities for users, connecting […]

Watch BlackVue On Innovations Series On December 12th!

Catch up with the newest updates from BlackVue with the Innovations Series! We are proud to announce that BlackVue will be featured in an upcoming episode of the Innovations with Ed Begley, Jr. “We are delighted to introduce Innovations’ viewers with the BlackVue dashcam ecosystem,” said Jeremie Sinic, Marketing Manager at Pittasoft. “BlackVue is an […]