[BlackVue Fleet Tracking] How To Use The Driving Reports Feature

Following shortly after Event File Auto-upload, BlackVue Fleet Tracking receives a new exclusive feature: Driving Reports.  Requirements: Hardware: BlackVue DR900S Series Dashcam with Firmware version 1.005.  BlackVue DR750S Series Dashcam with Firmware version 1.011. Software: BlackVue Viewer version 2.01 (Windows) and 1.24 (Mac OS). BlackVue App version 2.77 (iOS/Android). Note in case you were using […]

[Software] BlackVue Viewer and Viewer Pro Update

Dear BlackVue Users,  We updated the BlackVue Windows Viewer, BlackVue Mac Viewer and BlackVue Viewer Pro.  These versions add GDPR-related updates, including an updated Privacy Policy and a simple way to delete your Cloud account.  Important: when you delete your Cloud account, all registered dashcams under your account are unregistered automatically, and your account cannot be […]

BlackVue Viewer Update – Version 1.10

Dear BlackVue Users, A new version of the BlackVue Viewer (Windows/Mac OS) is now available for download. This version fixes the crash issue found on Mac OS version, adds DR490-2CH compatibility and more. Check the details below for more info. What’s new in version 1.10: Windows: 1. Added DR490-2CH compatibility. 2. Changed DR490L-2CH Event recording beep setting […]

Honda Crash in Wet Weather

YouTuber and BlackVue DR650GW-2CH owner Barney Twelveson must have not expected this Honda seemingly overtaking him to suddenly spin out of control in front of his vehicle. Fortunately, our driver got nerves of steel and was able to come to a full stop in record time, avoiding collision. In spite of the spectacular crash, the Honda driver […]