Rear-ended Near Costco #CaughtOnBlackVue

This accident only happened a couple of days ago and was sent to us by a BlackVue user Michael. A distracted lady driving a Jeep thought the light turned green (when in fact, it was still red for the middle line going straight). Michael got out of the car and after assessing the damage he […]

BlackVue Dashcam Installed In… DeLorean!

Sometimes we see a video so different than the others that it’s hard not to share! As you might know, we launched a page on our website where we publish various BlackVue related (dashcam, accessories) installation videos from across the internet, uploaded to YouTube by BlackVue users themselves. You can search for an installation you […]

SUV Crashes In The Snow #CaughtOnBlackVue

This accident was caught by a BlackVue user Gino with his BlackVue DR590W-1CH dashcam. Gino was driving on Lake Cook Road in Illinois when the incident unfolded before his eyes (and dash camera). A black SUV suddenly swerved to the left without checking for their blind spot, which resulted in them running into another vehicle. […]