Break-in Caught On Dashcam with Interior IR Camera

Break-in caught on BlackVue There are situations where you think your car is safe and there’s no need to worry about accidents or theft. And yet, this footage sent to us by our customer proves that it’s always better to be prepared. In the video (click the thumbnail or watch it HERE) we see a […]

Intersection Accident Caught on Dashcam

Accident on the intersection We bring you yet another video of an accident, this time from an intersection in Pennsylvania. In the footage, captured on BlackVue DR650GW-2CH dashcam, we actually can’t see the white car coming from the right until it’s too late – the driver with the dashcam just could not avoid the collision. Even […]

Crazy Hit and Run Captured by Dashcam

Crazy hit and run… in a company car This video of a crazy hit and run was shared by our Canadian distributor, BlackboxMyCar. A truck, pulling out of its parking spot, hit the Kia parked beside it. Said like this, it may not sound like much, but this is not your average hit and run. The […]

The Difference Having a Dashcam Can Make In a Car Wreck

A car wreck captured by a dashcam YouTube user Jack-of-all-trades posted a video of a car wreck he was involved in recently. In the video (and as explained in the description under the video) we can see a white car hitting the BlackVue dashcam owner’s truck after swerving to avoid another car. Same scenario, different outcome […]