DR900 Series, DR750 Series Polish Manuals Available

Dear BlackVue users, The manuals for the BlackVue DR900S (DR900S-2CH, DR900S-1CH) and DR750S (DR750S-2CH, DR750S-2CH IR, DR750S-2CH TRUCK, DR750S-1CH) Series are now available in Polish. BlackVue dash​cams’ boxes include a printed Quick Start Guide that contain essential info to set up your dash​cam. These full-length PDF Manuals contain more in-depth information. They explain every single dash​cam option in […]

[Firmware Update] DR900S (1.010), DR750S (1.015) with Finnish, Norwegian, Polish Support

New firmware is available for the DR750S (1.015) and DR900S (1.010) Series. These updates introduce new firmware languages for your dashcam’s voice notifications/alerts.  Meanwhile, the BlackVue App and Viewer have also been updated to reflect this change.  DR750S Series (version 1.015), DR900S Series (version 1.010) MODELS CONCERNED: DR750S Series (DR750S-1CH, DR750S-2CH, DR750S-2CH IR and DR750S-2CH […]

Road Rage Turns Into $2,400 In Vandalism #CaughtOnBlackVue

This road rage video was submitted to us by a BlackVue Customer Scott. He is a victim of a classic road rage that turned into an expensive ($2,400 worth of repairs!) act of vandalism. The pickup driver was angry that Scott apparently “cut him off” (which evidenced by the footage was not the case). He […]