Why Is A Dedicated Battery The Best For Your Dashcam?

Long time BlackVue user and reviewer Ariel (Vortex Radar) recently made a video titled “Dedicated Dashcam Batteries vs. Portable USB Battery Packs”. And it’s exactly what it sounds – in the video, Ariel makes several well-argued points why it’s better to equip your dashcam with a dedicated battery pack rather than use the portable USB […]

DR900S-2CH & Ultra Battery Install & Review by Uber Man

YouTuber Uber Man (June 26 update: now renamed Auto Auction Rebuilds) recently spent some time with the DR900S-2CH and Power Magic Ultra Battery.  As a Uber/Lyft driver, he installed the dashcam with the rear camera facing the interior of the vehicle, towards the driver/passengers.  Note that BlackVue also has a special purpose model for taxi and […]