Loose Tire On The Road #CaughtOnBlackVue

Here’s an unusual video we received from a BlackVue Customer Laura. Laura’s daughter was driving their family car alone when an airborne loose tire hit the front of the vehicle. “Someone’s car (notice disabled green car w/ guy standing on side of road) apparently lost a wheel, which rolled off up the road, was kicked […]

Shopping Mall Parking Vandal #CaughtOnBlackVue

Watch with the sound ON! We received this video from our Customer Steven, who caught the entire incident with his BlackVue dashcam (DR650GW-2CH model, which is the predecessor of the current DR750S-2CH model available here). Steven said that he went shopping, but it turned out that he’d been watched. A vandal made sure that the […]

Auto-theft Spree Captured By BlackVue Dashcam

This story is already making rounds on Facebook and various local news stations!  We were contacted by BlackVue user Daryl, licensed private investigator in Louisiana, who sent us video captured by his DR750S-2CH (available for purchase here) and said: “The black Ford F150 (which) pulls up in the video was stolen that morning from my […]