How Can a Dashcam Help You With Your Car Insurance Claim?

Although it’s a common practice in such countries as South Korea, US auto insurance companies do not offer any discounts for having a dashcam installed in your car – at least, not yet. But seeing as the situation is dynamically changing in countries across the globe (for example, more and more insurers in the UK […]

7 Must-Have Items For Your Daily Car Commute In 2020

Whether you love your job or loathe it, daily car commutes can be exhausting! You can probably think of a million things you’d rather be doing with your time besides sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. But since the daily commute is part of what pays the bills, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try […]

Going For a Long Drive? Here Are Some Road Trip Tips!

Whether you’re traveling to see a friend or family member, you’re on a long business trip, or you’re starting out the road trip of a lifetime, there are some essentials that everyone should consider for their safety, protection, compliance, and overall comfort on a long drive. Out on the road, there are unexpected things that […]

New BlackVue Dashcam? Check These Settings First Thing!

What’s nice about getting a BlackVue is that once you’ve installed it, you can generally pretty much forget about it. The dashcam will do its thing–record–while you can focus on driving. However, for those interested, BlackVue dashcams offer ways to customize your experience. In fact, we recommend to at least go over the essential settings […]

GPS Module, Power and Video Cable Compatibility Table

Dear visitor, We sometimes get cable and accessories compatibility questions from potential buyers or BlackVue users planning to buy a new model.  “Can I reuse this cable?” With a dashcam already installed in your vehicle–including power and video cables–it makes sense to ask yourself whether the cables must be reinstalled or you can reuse them. […]